Thursday, December 1, 2011

Updates to Lily Ruth Publishing's Submission Guidelines

Lily Ruth Publishing is accepting submissions once again for children's fiction books ranging from beginner to young adult. All submissions should be directed to Please do not include attachments, as these won't be opened.

FOR MIDDLE GRADE AND YOUNG ADULT BOOKS: Lily Ruth Publishing is a publisher of children's fiction with an interest in growing our category selection. We will consider humor, action/adventure, fantasy, historical and romance provided it is wholesome and appropriate for children. Keep in mind that we won't accept any materials containing obscene language or themes.

All material submitted for consideration by Lily Ruth Publishing should be double-spaced. The publisher would prefer only the first three chapters and query letter or brief synopsis be sent to the email listed above. (See picture book guidelines below) Please remember to include you name, contact information, the title of your story and word count in the body of your email.

FOR CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOKS: Submissions are now open for children's picture books intended for children ages 2-6 years old. For children's picture books please submit the complete manuscript along with your contact information and brief bio.

Illustrations are not necessary. Lily Ruth Publishing reserves the right to assign an illustrator to any manuscript as deemed appropriate. However, if you have illustrations for your manuscript, please feel free to submit 3-5 samples for consideration.

These guidelines can also be viewed at

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