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About Lily Ruth Publishing's Writer Stop: Most of the content of this blog will be coming from me, Jennifer L. Stone. I am the publisher/editor at Lily Ruth Publishing, a small publishing firm that has been in business since 2008.

Since then I have published titles by Ben Joy (The Sundancer), J K Hawkins (My Weird Family Series) and myself, Jennifer L. Stone (Quest of the Swords: Swords of Blood). Each of these titles represents a separate reading level from beginner to young adult. At Lily Ruth publishing we believe that read should be, above all, enjoyable. We strive to publish books that will inspire children of all ages to love books.

Over the course of my writing career I have tried my hand at poetry, short stories, young adult novels, content articles for Demand Studio and Associated Content, reviews, and now blogging. I hope share with readers useful information I've learned along the way, and to hear feedback from fellow writers/editors about your experiences as well.

Thanks for stopping by!

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