Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Young New Author

13-year-old-author, J.K. (Julie) Hawkins has recently announced the release of her debut children's book, "My Vampire Cousin," part of a clever and humorous new series "My Weird Family Series," published by Lily Ruth Publishing.

“My Vampire Cousin” is the first of TWENTY stories written by J.K. Hawkins for “My Weird Family Series.” It is a series to look forward to with laugh-out-loud scenarios played out by unique and unforgettable characters.

J.K. Hawkins is looking forward to the up coming release of a new edition of "My Vampire Cousin" along with the release of book two in the series, "My Werewolf Brothers" in June 2009!

In the meantime, J.K. Hawkins will be making appearances at several East Texas book signing events, including the Barnes and Noble New author Expo on March 28th, as well as several book signing events at Hastings book stores in Paris, TX on April 18th and a back to back signing event with the Hastings in Mount Pleasant and Longview, Texas on May 16th.

We encourage you to learn more about J.K. Hawkins and her book(s) by visiting

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